BRANDEZAIN is a brand communication agency, specializing on social media, particularly Twitter. We provide strategic and comprehensive services to promote your brand to millions of active Twitter users in Indonesia.

BRANDEZAIN is a Jakarta-based company which owns and manages various Twitter accounts with massive and loyal followers. We only work with the best brands and we do not cater one-off tweet promos.

BRANDEZAIN will assist you in getting the right message, at the right time with the right engagement. We prepare the strategy, execute the campaign and present the reports to you. Contact us at for further information.

Why Brandezain?

BRANDEZAIN is one-of-kind service, which can give you 5 unique advantages:

  1. Millions of Active Followers.
    We own and manage large scale Twitter buzzer accounts, ranging from a minimum of 100K followers to 500K followers. These are real people and active followers. There are 20 million active Twitter users in Indonesia, and we have a total of 2 million followers.
  2. No Clutter. All Clear Messages.
    We do not accept one-off campaign on any of our Twitter accounts. (No per tweet ads, No MLM, No Chinese medicine for increasing heights, etc). We accept no more than 5 brands per month.
  3. Full Impact, Full Month.
    We do a minimum of 7-day Twitter campaign to promote your brands. A full, one-month message with a variety of tweets to get maximum, measurable results.
  4. Exclusivity and Non-Compete
    Once a campaign for one particular brand is running, we do not accept competing brands. We simply engage with that brand and provide a daily update on the progress of the campaign.
  5. Satisfaction Guaranteed
    If your brand is not happy with our service, we will give you 7-day free campaign on the next month. No questions asked. Call for details.

How We Work

Step #1: Understanding the Brand
Our team will need to be briefed in length about your brand positioning and footprint. We have to agree upon how best to communicate the brand on Twitter buzzer accounts. The objectives of the campaign has to be clear and achievable within a given period of time.

Step#2: Creating the Message
The next step is to create the message. As Twitter is a micro-blogging platform, the message has to be short, simple and actionable. We will advise you on several different tone and manner which would be most suitable for your brand.

Step #3: Mobilizing the Buzzers
Once we have the message in place, then we mobilize small (100-200K followers), medium (200-300K followers) and large (300K++ followers) buzzer accounts to carry the message. Our buzzer accounts at BRANDEZAIN are mostly wholly owned, hence can be tailored to your message. We have at least 2,000,000 active followers on demand.

Step#4: Spreading the Message
To increase the impact on Twittersphere, we will also closely work with our network of other buzzer accounts to spread your message, usually using the same hashtag or URL. Our network will increase the reach to almost 10,000,000 active followers around the country, depending the budget availability of the campaign.

Step #5: Monitor the Impact
Once the campaign is completed, then it will be measured using several tools. We will be able to show you how the campaign performed over a period of time. We can provide recommendations for the next phase of the campaign, so your brand will have a continuous, favourable presence and influence on social media.

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